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A collection of long and short form comics, Rich Tommaso’s one-man comics anthology magazine, Black Phoenix!


Black Phoenix is, at its core, a contemporary comics magazine featuring original characters and stories of various comics genres—all dreamed up by its sole author, Rich Tommaso.


In this volume, you’ll meet Venus The Love Goddess and read all about her many adventures in the whirlwind world of romance—as she attempts to play matchmaker to all of those in need. Wherever there’s trouble—Texas, Hollywood California, The Planet Mars, or down south to Miami Beach—she is there to lend a helping hand. While in Miami Beach, Venus becomes acquainted with a group of young, sun-lovin’ beachcombers—partly made up of the cast from Tommaso’s Horror Of Collier County universe— but also starring some new fiends, including a sexy crocodile girl and a vampire cat.


Plus, more short stories about love and death. Don’t miss this one!

BLACK PHOENIX VOL 2 by Rich Tomasso

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