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"Dorothy Weaver is an anxious 19-year old still living at home with her mother and failing a vocational art course when memories of a mysterious childhood event start resurfacing. Something about a meteor in the garden… Now, she and others have begun manifesting strange powers.


Are these powers a gift or a curse? Psychic phenomenon or mass delusion? Either way, Dorothy is changing - but into what?


224 pages, full colour, perfect-bound with French-flap, spot-gloss cover


"In Cuckoo, coming-of-age anxieties and reality bending superpowers feel equally believable, thanks to an attention to detail which makes the fantastical feel utterly relatable. Joe Sparrow has given us a personal and touching portrait of a young person on the brink of adulthood, with some of the tightest and most spectacular cartooning you're ever likely to see." Luke Pearson, author of the Hilda comics" - SHORTBOX

CUCKOO by Joe Sparrow

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