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"Volume no. 3 of our award winning indie comics anthology series Glaeolia. Approximately 370 400 pages, 7″×10″ format release. Published by Glacier Bay Books. Features deluxe soft-touch laminate covers and sewn binding. Offset printed Winter 2021.


Series editors: emuh ruh, zhuchka
Translation: zhuchka, rkp, Anna Schnell, Jocelyne Allen
Typesetting: Tim Sun (+ SFX), emuh ruh
Cover and book design: emuh ruh
Cover artwork by Chizu Wada


Glaeolia no. 3 collects works from 13 Japanese comic artists, many of which have never been published in English before:


Fukitsu Reiji
Hadena Kangofu
Isao Yamada
Junichiro Saito
Komachiya Suzuka
Kondoh Akino
Mitsuhashi Kotaro
Nishimura Tsuchika
Oumi Konomi
Yagi Nagaharu
Yokoyama Yuichi


Note: A couple stories in Glaeolia no. 3 contain brief depictions of violence and sexuality, or references therein, which may not be appropriate for younger readers. This book is considered appropriate for mature readers." - GLACIER BAY


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