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Kanjin Kun is released in a special accordion book / leporello format.
A5 page size, 12 page sheet. Full color offset printing on textured stock.


Kanjin meaning an essential part. A new leporello / accordion book release of a short comic by Ayumu Arisaka, author of En Chan’s House. Following a spirit birthed in a ‘hollow space’, that goes in search of a body, their body, which must too be in search of a soul. Employing Ayumu’s ingenius, spacious layouts, charming design work, and almost elastic drawing, and leaving just enough of the narrative shrouded in ambiguity; a rare work and one that will appeal to arts comics lovers.


Translation: emuh ruh
Lettering: emuh ruh & Tim Sun
Editing and Book Design: emuh ruh

KANJIN KUN by Ayumu Arisaka

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