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"Rain recounts the tormented life of Kurt: bombed by the Allies as a child in Germany; pressed into post-war mercenary service in Africa; and restless as a cab driver in New York City. Authors Rolf Stark and Marlene Stevens are your tour guides through the terrors of war, the mysticism of the Belgian Congo, and the grim life-and-death economics of the underworld.


Neil Gaiman called Rain "Brave, powerful, raw and hurtfully honest. It's being dragged, unwilling and friendless, through somebody else's life; it's as reader friendly as a mugging, as harsh as an axe murder. And it's one of the most demanding and exciting new comics of the '90s".


Frank Miller called Rain "a punch in the stomach... Powerful!"

6 3/4 x 10" 216 pages." - TUNDRA

RAIN by Rolf F. Stark

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