The Long Weekend is an award-winning, cult-favourite graphic novel, adapted from an essay that explores the Jungian concept of the cultural complex,; and idea about group behaviour that was left largely unexplored until very recently in the academic world.


Craig San Roque, the author the original essay, acts as narrator throughout a long series of poetic thoughts and places. Over the course of a long weekend in the central Australian desert town of Alice Springs he grapples with an analysis of his own culture and the pain which it intentionally and unintentionally inflicts upon other cultures.


Moving, challenging and dangerous, The Long Weekend is a haunting comic, both shockingly funny and supremely uncomfortable to read. It's images linger with you after you've placed it upon your bedside table, turned off the lamp and settled into a restless sleep.

THE LONG WEEKEND IN ALICE SPRINGS by San Roque and Santospirito

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