In the debut issue of The Nib’s quarterly comics magazine, 20 artists from around the world offer illustrated insights on the fate that comes for us all: death. The gorgeously printed issue highlights top-notch storytellers in the compelling medium of comics journalism. Among many engaging comics, editor Matt Bors interviews acclaimed author Barbara Ehrenreich about why the wellness industry is a scam, Whit Taylor reports from a New Orleans funeral home, and Andrew Greenstone communes with an LA pet psychic.


Featured artists:

Matt Bors, Rachel Dukes, Elen Crenshaw, Ally Shwed, John Martz, Isabella Rotman, Emi Gennis, Eleri Harris, Sophie Yanow, Andrew Greenstone, Whit Taylor, Josh Neufeld, Gerardo Alba, Andy Warner, Sarah Mirk, Amanda Scurti, John Carvajal, Julia Grofrer, Levi Hastings, Liliana Segura, Jackie Roche, Ted Closson, Yazan al-Saadi, Ghadi Ghosn, Emily Flake, Scott Bateman, Matt Lubchansky, Joey Alison Sayers, Pia Guerra, Kasia Babis, Bianca Xunise, Julia Bernhard, Phil McAndrew, Vanessa Del Rey, Mark Kaufman, Nomi Kane, Terry LaBan, Brooke Barker


Cover artist: Oliver Hibert.


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