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"How far will you go to figure out who you are? How can you know what the next step is where there're no guides along the way? Threshold by Anke Gladnick is a self-reflection on their feelings around transitioning; trying to make sense of them by shaping an unfurling dream-like story framed with fastidious metaphor and pensive narration.


For young adults and older. Threshold is Anke’s debut comic publication.


52 pages, B&W and color interior pages with translucent glama endpaper // 5.5" x 7.5" // printed in Montréal



Publisher note: for a period of time after printing, the artitst went by Vincent Romero Gladnick. They now go by Anke Gladnick again." - BULGILHAN PRESS

THRESHOLD by Anke Gladnick

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