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"This series reprinted various underground titles from Rip Off Press, including the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Dealer McDope, Wonder Wart-Hog, and the classic—if little known—Forty Year Old Hippie.


Whether he was saving whales or just begging for change, you could bet that 60s throwback was relaxed, feeling groovy, and flying high on his best homegrown herb. The adventures of Ted Richards’ aging flower child were originally published during the late 1970s by the Rip Off Comic Syndicate, and appeared in dozens of weekly papers across the country. After a long hiatus, Richards briefly revived his character in 1984, in an 8-page story about computers for Workman Press. That strip was reprinted in the San Francisco Examiner, and drew enough positive response to cause Rip Off Press to publish this collection. Most of the material presented here came from the first comic book collection of the Forty Year Old Hippie, published in 1977."


This copy is in fair condition with some shelf wear as shown in photos. First printing, originally printed in 1985. Very hard to find! 


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