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Collecting the incredible two issue mini-series by writer James Robinson (Starman) and artist Joe Jusko (IT'S JOE JUSKO).


"Arguably the greatest Vampirella story of her modern era! Written by James Robinson (Starman), with fully painted art by Joe Jusko (Marvel Masterpieces), this epic tale of love and vengeance redefined Vampirella for a new generation. Her homeland is torn apart by civil war. Vampirella is forced to make an impossible choice: choose between her mother, Lilith, and the love of her life, Adam Van Helsing. One will live and one will die.


This trade features the complete Blood Lust: Books I & II, plus the epilogue only previously available in the sold-out hardcover collection. Also includes a sketch gallery, making-of, and introduction by Robinson. "


This story is currently out of print and quite hard to track down! Book is in good condition. Some marks on the cover and a small bend in the spine. 


Publisher: Harris Comics

Vampirella Blood Lust TP Harris Comics Edition

AU$18.00 Regular Price
AU$12.00Sale Price
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