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"Worlds lived. Worlds died. And the DC Universe was never the same.


The classic 12 issue DC maxi-series that forever changed the course of the DC Universe. This was DC's first ever single-volume collection of the company's legendary limited series. In 1985, DC Comics dramatically altered comics' original universe with CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, a 12-issue series that rocked the comics community, tragically dooming some of DC's most beloved characters and drastically altering others. An unforgettable and defining event in comics history, CRISIS was arguably the first companywide crossover to make good on its promise of lasting change. It was released as a true collector's item, slipcased with a special poster which came only with this volume. The wraparound dust jacket for the volume features Alex Ross painting over George Pérez's pencils.


This is it, the biggest, and arguably most important, event in the history of the DCU. A wave of unstoppable destructive force is sweeping across the multiverse and indiscriminately destroying everything in its path. Nothing seems able to stop it. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika (evil versions of the JLA) of Earth-3 die trying, along with their world. Batman receives an ominous warning from the Flash. Weather and natural disasters are out of control. An eclectic group of heroes and villains from around the multiverse are assembled to halt the death and destruction, and the being known as the Monitor may be the only one who can help them.


•       A breathtaking dust jacket penciled by fan favorite George Perez and painted by award-winning Kingdom Come artist Alex Ross

•       Artwork that has been carefully restored and recolored using state-of-the-art techniques 

•       Foreword by CRISIS writer Marv Wolfman 

•       Afterword by CRISIS inker/former DC Vice President-Executive Editor Dick Giordano 

•       Plus: A bonus 21"x32" poster version of the now-classic "Death of Supergirl" cover from Crisis On    Infinite Earths #7

•       Reprints Crisis on Infinite Earths issues 1 thru 12

•       Includes 2 page sketch gallery

•       Archive-Quality


Collects: Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) Issues #1-12." - DC COMICS


This is in very good condition, with some shelf wear. A very rare and collectible edition, this is a first printing containing a misprint. 


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