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In the far-flung reaches of space, First Officer Daniel Gray is alone. Alone in a vast spaceship, and alone in the even vaster universe. As the last member of the human race, he follows the same routine every day, waiting for his clock to wind down and bring to an end all the possibilities that once filled mankind’s future. And then one day he encounters something inexplicable — something that opens the door to more possibilities than Daniel had ever imagined…


Koi is a cerebral, cinematic science fiction story by Adam Gillespie, a South Australian comics maker and film buff. The self-contained 80-page perfect-bound graphic novel is told largely in Adam’s signature black and white style, but with added spot colour throughout to highlight the mysterious encounter at the centre of the story. Three full-colour pinups by Owen Heitmann, Jana Hoffmann and Finn O’Sullivan complete the book.


Koi is great sci fi. Atmospheric and engaging. Equal parts surreal and human.”
– Chris Gooch (Under EarthBottledDeep Breaths)


Koi traverses time and space to give life a whole new meaning.”
– Soda and Telepaths

KOI by Adam Gillespie

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