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"What would you do... to save the love of your life? England, 1738: Cole Blaquesmith, a simple fisherman, falls in love with Fiona, a beautiful, gentle teacher. However, their blossoming romance is cut short when Fiona falls ill with a terminal disease.


Would you sell your soul to a madman? Dr Absinthe, town pariah, a sinister ghoul in his castle on the hill holds the secret to saving Fiona's life... but this 'cure' comes with a terrible, terrible price.Would you trade humanity for strength? The 'experiment' requires a test subject... a Pilot. A young, strong body to endure the arcane rigors of science.


Would you undo the course of human history? As Cole loses himself behind a whirling tangle of steel and light and science, he closes his eyes and prays that he has not made a grave mistake. When his eyes open again...He knows with all his heart that his world will NEVER be the same again...


Steampunk: Manimatron. Love is eternal. History is not.


Enter a world of madness, action, dark science, fiction, and shattered history where one man battles to set right a world torn apart for love." - DC COMICS/CLIFFHANGER


These volumes are in excellent second hand condition, with light shelf wear. Out of print and very hard to find! 

STEAMPUNK VOL 01 and 02 by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo

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