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Every generation a new Mystical Boyscout is born, with the collective powers of their queer forebears; Oscar Wilde, James Baldwin and Bert and Ernie. This generations Mystical Boyscout is a largely clueless Australian barista and substack writer, who is currently tasked with bringing same-sex marriage to Ireland. His boyfriend, Alex is meanwhile rotting away in Melbourne, experimenting with casual sex to feel alive and dealing with a chaotic sharehouse.


"More profane, inventive and funny than ever. Aaron Billings' queer comic book hero is a free-wheeling delight to read" 
Rachel Ang


“Aaron Billings is back to lead us out of the darkness with another profound and profane joy. Thank goodness for Mystical Boyscout” 
- Ronnie Scott


Aaron Billings is an artist and comics researcher working in Narrm, Melbourne. He is the co-founder of Pink Ember studio in Coburg North and the organiser of the reading event Speaking to Pictures. His PhD research is interested in the aesthetic of the cute and the kitsch in comics, queer narratology and respectability politics. He publishes comics fortnightly for The Paris End, in journals including Meanjin, Going Down Swinging and Debris magazine and self publishes lots of work as zines and online. In 2018 he published his first graphic novel, with Glom Press.


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