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About Good Praxis
The Turtlenecks have figured out the answer to the impossible question: how do you make a living as an artist without compromising your experimental art practice? An art practice which is too radical to be monetised! Is there a way to make art without having a soul-sucking day job that drains your creative spirit? The answer is so simple, you’ll wish you thought of it first: heists.


"I don’t understand how the art world works, and I don’t understand how heists work.. I think I understand comics (thanks mccloud). I always say “comics is #1”- the most powerful art form and method of communication and creative expression! But we’re not treated like it! The team of heist based performance artists in these comics work together like all of Steven’s skills as a cartoonist- seamlessly combining together to frame and reframe words and images to create funny, smart, exciting narratives, and still they are not given the respect they deserve! Steven has broken out of the art world with stolen knowledge of the inner workings of their byzantine hierarchies I could only feebly attempt to grasp on my own. He doesn’t just understand these people and the challenges of being a young artist snatching crumbs of status, relevance, and meaning in a constantly shifting culture, he knows how to use the language of comics to make their absurd struggles hilarious, relatable, and understandable even to a numbskull like me!" 
Professor A. T. Pratt


“Good Praxis leaves you feeling like you've just made a funny and brillant new friend.” 
- Fionn McCabe 



Steven Christie is a comics maker based in Naarm, with a background in drawing, animation and video art. After graduating from RMIT University (Fine Art) he moved to Brooklyn and self published his first graphic novel Arrowheads, a brightly coloured satire of the art world. The follow up, Turtlenecks was picked up by AdHouse books and published in 2020. After returning to Australia in 2022 he made the comic Punchline Sinker, a cosmic horror set in an off-world tropical fish store, which was published in Cram #3. He is currently working on the third stand-alone installment of the Turtlenecks series, Good Praxis, to be released serially as a Glom Press Partwork.

GOOD PRAXIS by Steven Christie

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