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Viscere #1: Body Horror, a comics anthology that explores the world of body horror through transgressive genre stories. Featuring the work of eight emerging artists, the anthology delves into topics ranging from plastic surgery gone wrong to doppelgängers run amuck, ultimately asking readers to have a good think about the flesh they call home.


Featuring comics by Tia Roxae, Coco Paluck, Natalia Hernandez, Chloe Brailsford, Jenna Cha, Rin Ascher, Alejandra Gutiérrez, and Corinne Halbert. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style to the stories they tell, with inspirations ranging from underground comics, manga, giallo, Eurosleaze, and more. These artists have created an incredible collection of stories that explore the complex relationship between the body and the self, and with your help we can bring them to the world.


Essay by Rachel Miller, PhD.


Cover art by Kate Lacour.


Edited by Katie Skelly


Published By Strega Sporca


8.5" x 11" trade paperback, 120 pages, full color.


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